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actor looking for work

2010-06-19 22:28:12 by rackerdude

lol so I just read my last post after, how long was it? A couple of months and I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow was I really that emo/suicidal thing? Even if it was for that one day? Oh well lol. The funniest part is me one of the kids and I are now friends. As I heard in one quote from who knows where "Sometimes, hate dies funny." Oh well. I'm now looking for voice work. so if anyone wants me to do a voice in their animations just e-mail me and we'll get this thing going. On the other hand if you need an example first, just e-mail me with you e-mail address and I'll send you one asap. Pretty much I'm here and bored and I've been told I'm a pretty good actor so....yeah.



2009-12-30 13:54:08 by rackerdude

Hey hey to anyone who cares!!!! Merry friking christmas! I know christmas is over but I don't care! I have to say, I finally got a new mic. Yah yay! Not like I got a chance to use the old one much, but thanks to a helpfull Newgroundian, (yes i just called everyone Newgroundians) I will be using it alot more. I will have a sample movie up in short time. This will only have been the second attempt at a clip I made and it's only about, 20 seconds long, but it's just enough in my mind. I will also probably start posting better comics as well. For those who liked my stick man comics don't fret. I will post those too. I will just be making less (not that there's too many now). So fun times. I will be more active on newgrounds. I hope people like my acting!


okay then....

2009-08-20 08:39:27 by rackerdude

okay so apparently my mic has been i guess even though no one answered me.....i will have to put my voice over career on hold. at least until i get a new one.


2009-06-07 10:30:30 by rackerdude

attention all animators!!!!! i am a voiceover person and i can't animate. i don't care about your skill level with animating, all i would like to do is some voices for some animations. so if you'd like some voices in your animations i would love to do some. please help me.



2009-05-02 01:02:55 by rackerdude

iscratched the comic idea it was to much work now me and my friends are starting a rock band. I'll tryto get some of our songs on here as soon as we find a drummer

later rackerdude

my new website

2008-08-26 19:17:08 by rackerdude

g'day i just got a deviantart website i'll soon be posting awsome drawing so if you want come check it out

yah i highly dought i'll colour any of them but if i do meh. anyway

p.s. here is a sample. it's the cover of my manga i'm working on. it's not my best work but meh

my new website