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actor looking for work

2010-06-19 22:28:12 by rackerdude

lol so I just read my last post after, how long was it? A couple of months and I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow was I really that emo/suicidal thing? Even if it was for that one day? Oh well lol. The funniest part is me one of the kids and I are now friends. As I heard in one quote from who knows where "Sometimes, hate dies funny." Oh well. I'm now looking for voice work. so if anyone wants me to do a voice in their animations just e-mail me and we'll get this thing going. On the other hand if you need an example first, just e-mail me with you e-mail address and I'll send you one asap. Pretty much I'm here and bored and I've been told I'm a pretty good actor so....yeah.



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